Events over the last two weeks have prompted our attention to the urgent situation of the children in the care of Goshen Ministries. We will continue to keep this home page dedicated to the sharing of news and information as we have it accessible. The following is a short time line outlining the course of events. To read the full stories as shared by the board and Bigimba from the onset of the troubles in Burundi – click on the links or visit our full News page.

  • April 13, US Team Returns from Burundi, Political Heat Begins, Bigimba visits Rwanda
  • April 24, Uprisings Develop with Violence and Greater Danger, Borders are closed between Burundi and Rwanda
  • April 25-28, attempts at transporting children out of city are made, Bigimba is not able to enter back to Burundi from Rwanda
  • April 29, Children are able to flee Burundi into the west border into Congo.
  • April 30, Children travel north to the Congo/Rwanda border crossing.
  • May1-May, 9, daily efforts handled by Bigimba at this Congo Rwanda border result in negotiations, daily meetings with officials, and no permission to enter Rwanda. Even with a crossing “fee” paid to the officials, no access is given. The children and caregivers are exposed to sun and little shelter during this time.
  • May 8/9, The Congo officials communicate that they intend to hand the children over to a Congolese refugee camp.
  • May 9-10, The whole group of 40 children and 10 adults escape through the Congo bush under the cover of darkness north through a route that leads to the edge of Rwanda. They hire a group of ‘river people’ to take them across the large river. Not by boat – but one by one on their backs as they swim across. This takes 3 hours. At 3am, the group finally arrives in the bordering town edge – inside Rwanda.
  • May 10-present, The small village of children and adults are in a hotel and holding room where they are working with the officials to obtain paperwork that will allow them to stay and reside in country until the situation is peaceful enough to return.
MORE EVACUATON AND NEW HOMES SET UP … UNANTICIPATED EXPENSES: (sufficient donations have been given to cover the emergency expenses up until this point [i.e. May 11, 2015], including House rent through August.) Remembering that the group fled Burundi with only the clothes that they were wearing, the following funds are needed now, going forward:






$300 X 2 Buses X 2 Days


For trip from Border town to Kigali

Hotel in Rwanda Border Town

$150 room + $150 food X  3 days =


Room and Board for 56 persons, 47 children


$30 per child X 40


Including shoes for those without

School Uniforms

$20 per child X 40


The school yr. in Rwanda is Jan-Oct

Initial  School Registration & Tuitions

$25 per Child X 40 for the initial month


After the first month’s registration fees, we will have enough funds

Mattresses and Sheets

$120+$30 X 20=


Yes, 20 mattresses for 50 people

Kitchen and Cooking Supplies

$300 X 2 Houses=


The rental homes are not furnished with these

Pastor Bigimba’s USA Return Ticket

One Way…


b/c his original return was changed too many times a new ticket is necessary

Total Need Now



House Rent

September – December


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Offline Contribution Methods

If you would like to send a check, please make it out to Goshen Ministries, with ’emergency fund’ in the memo.
Address your mailing to:
P.O.Box, 32032
TUCSON, AZ 85751

Pictured Below: May 10 – in the Rwanda forest

Kids Rwanda Forest