Goshen Ministries is committed to develop God-honoring adults able to care for themselves and others.

Founded by Pastor Bigimba Ngabo in 2004, during a time of great unrest in the Central African region. The ministry actually began in Burundi with one church started in Bujumbura, and another one just outside a refugee camp in Ngosi. Since that time, the ministry has cared for scores of children without parents who are able to provide for them.

In 2007, Bigimba and his three brothers, were relocated to Tucson, Arizona, through a joint United Nations and United States resettlement program. Here they started another church and ministry for the many refugees finding asylum in Tucson. This ministry provides various kinds of support for the refugees transitioning to life in the United States.

The ministries in Africa continue to thrive to this day. Pastor Bigibma divides his time between there and the U.S.A..  Many opportunities exist through Goshen for collaborative services to the dozens of children in our homes, and for the empowerment of adults, especially refugees, in the East African countries.


Exodus continues to Uganda (through Rwanda and Congo from Burundi)
How Has this Changed Life for The Children?

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